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Fast mobile websites are important

Why are fast mobile websites important? The internet is changing. Almost 53 percent of all web traffic is now on a tablet or mobile. Having a mobile website is good. But is it CaptainWoo fast?

Let’s talk about for a minute. Walmart determined that for every 1 second their page loaded faster they saw a 2% increase in revenue.

You might be thinking… Why do I care about a 2% loss in revenue because my website is slow? Because if you don’t care about the 2% your competitor is. If your homepage takes longer than 4 seconds you are likely to lose 60% of your traffic.

Google announced that page load speed is now a huge determining factor in page ranking. What is page ranking? Page ranking is where you list on their search result. For example, if I search Maui Vacation Rentals you might be on page 5 of Google search results. Whoever visits page 5 of Google search results? Not me.

Every web developer says SEO, SEO, SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is part of the puzzle but not all. If your page is slow Google will not want to feature your site. If your page is not mobile-friendly they don’t want to recommend your site when your competitor has one that is more user-friendly.

How we make you faster.

  • We start by putting your site on one of the largest cloud platforms in the world, Amazon AWS. This makes sure your site is fast and always online.
  • We use cloud-based technology to filter out hackers and denial of service attacks. A hacked website is not exactly great for business.
  • Once your site is built and you like the look, feel and functionality the real work begins. We analyze the site using Google’s page speed insights. (Yes, they give you a tool to tell you if your site is slow.) That is how important Google thinks about page speed. Go ahead and check your current site right now. How did you do? Below is how is doing. Does your site compare to ours?
  • We use target focus all the core web vitals such as cumulative layout shift (CLS) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).